UKELA is delighted to welcome you as an International Member


International membership is open to anyone based overseas.  We charge a flat rate to join of £30 for all individual members, with the exception of students, unwaged, pupil barristers, trainee solicitors and graduate consultants who pay £15.


Terms and Conditions of International Membership


1)     The offer is open to anyone based outside the UK.

2)     UKELA may seek evidence of entitlement to international membership

3)     The membership rate is £30 per person regardless of location or profession, with the following exceptions who pay £15:

a)      students

b)     unwaged

c)      pupil barristers

d)     trainee solicitors

e)      graduate consultants (up to 2 years post-qualified)

4)     For corporate membership please get in touch

5)     UKELA’s membership year runs from January to December

6)     The rate of £30 (£15) will apply in 2018 in the first instance and will be subject to review along with all subscription rates on a yearly basis

7)     UKELA reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time