The following membership options are available. 

Payment is by Direct Debit during the Summer Promotion period.

Invoices will be issued for each booking

Please note that payment is due on completion of your application and your membership will not be activated until payment is received.

Our Summer Promotion is currently running until 30 September 2018. A 50% reduction will be shown at point of payment

Ticket Type Attendee Type
Individual Membership Corporate Membership
Retired £ 58.00 N/A
Private Company N/A £ 436.00
Local Authority N/A £ 96.00
NGO N/A £ 74.00
Student £ 15.00 N/A
Statutory Body N/A £ 164.00
International Member £ 30.00 N/A
International Member (student, unwaged, pupil, trainee, graduate) £ 15.00 N/A
Graduate/Trainee Solicitor/Pupil Barrister £ 15.00 N/A
Public Body Individual £ 58.00 N/A
Unwaged £ 15.00 N/A
Individual £ 74.00 N/A